We need more Beyoncés

Shae Slaughter

There are many people, both living and dead, whom I admire. We’ve had the pleasure of knowing many great minds with a variety of talents to offer the world, people like Princess Diana, Mahatma Gandhi and Theodore Roosevelt. As times have changed, so have our idols. Into the limelight came celebrities, reality TV stars and professional athletes. While I am not naïve enough to believe that the infamy held by these celebrities will disappear, I do believe that our admiration can be aimed toward better versions of these figure heads. To state it plainly, the world needs more Beyoncés.

Yes, I went there and before you write me off as superficial fan girl and put ‘everything you own in a box to the left’ take a moment to consider just what being a Beyoncé means. It means being a good role model, it means being strong woman/person and it means being charitable. Naysayers will point out flaws in this idea by picking flaws in the woman herself. Well Beyoncé herself would just like you to know that either way she is ‘flawless’.

Lots of people listen to Beyoncé’s music, she’s a figure head of our generation after all. What some people don’t take the time to realize is that she is also a phenomenal role model. As someone in the limelight, Beyoncé still makes it a point to put her family first. She celebrates her husband, her daughter, her sister and other members of her family regularly. Not to mention, Beyoncé is active in politics and equality across all genders and cultures. She takes a stand and isn’t afraid to share her opinion. All of these are positive attributes that we all should take steps to follow when viewing her as a role model.

Alongside those choices, Beyoncé also represents a lot of strength as a woman. While it is no secret that female equality hasn’t always been 100 percent fair, Beyoncé makes it a point to stand up for feminism. Many of Beyoncé’s songs focus on female empowerment and acceptance of female sexuality. She unapologetically states her beliefs and represents them to the fullest of her powers. Lyrics to songs such as ‘If I Were a Boy’ maintain a catchy tone while still having lyrics that remind the listener of inequalities between sexes. Beyoncé is also an advocate of her heritage, promoting strength in African Americans through songs like ‘Formation.’

These kinds of themes in her music have helped resonate with many people, leading to Beyoncé’s increased popularity and wealth. While Beyoncé lives a lavish life with her salary, she also takes the time to donate to important causes. On Beyoncé’s website, there is a full section dedicated to different problems, fundraisers and charities that are dear to her heart. Over the years, Beyoncé has donated around $7 million to a Houston-based charity, which she took part in establishing, that helps to provide shelter, food and counseling for the homeless. None of these acts were a condition of Beyoncé’s fame, rather a choice made when given the platform to do so.

So I encourage you all to be your own Beyoncé. Take time to be a good role model and feel good in your own skin. When given the option, you should look to be charitable too. While you probably don’t have seven million dollars laying around (thanks a lot, tuition) you do have time to volunteer or donate some old clothes. Our generation is just about to come into it’s prime, finally entering the career field and getting established, so let’s do what Mrs. Carter did and ‘Run the World’.