Student Senator reflects on Diversity Affairs Committee successes

The Diversity Affairs Committee has been extremely busy lately. We worked, alongside Triota, extremely hard to bring Laverne Cox to campus, and it truly was a great event. There was a lot of work to be done behind the scenes and the DAC worked hard to make sure that the event was successful, and with standing room only, we think we achieved that goal. Below the senators on the DAC are listed alongside the projects they are currently working on. We hope that you with contact them with any questions and comments you may have, and please be sure to let us know if you would like to help out in any way.

Vice President Clemons is currently helping in getting the Speak Up! Campaign revitalized for a fall reveal. This project entails quite a lot, but he is happy to be working with such motivating individuals like Marlene Kowalski-Braun, Michele Coffill, and Angiola Gabriel. In addition to the Speak Up! Campaign Anthony and the DAC will be presenting at 9pm during the Teach-In on Wednesday, March 26th.

Senator Butler is working diligently on creating more opportunities for education surrounding diversity and intercultural awareness to take place. She is working with Justine Easter to see how those thoughts may become a reality. She is working out ideas to get a “interculturalism tree” to hang up outside the SOC so students can write what they love about themselves and their culture on a leave and put the leave on the tree. Look for that tree coming soon! Senator Williams-Fox and Senator Saghaiepour are currently working on interfaith initiatives to provide more space for both non-Christian prayer and a place where individuals from different faiths can have discussions surrounding their faith and build understanding. Senator Williams-Fox will be holding an interfaith forum in the next few weeks, stay tuned for a date on that event! Senator Schacht is exploring the benefits/problems of having a cultural extra-curricular event in course material? More specifically, this revolves around what is a good model course and event. He is looking at best pedagogical approaches and will be having discussions with the FTLC to discuss.

Senator Vandenberghe is working with different RAs and community councils to start discussions on how housing can create a more welcoming environment for all students. This project is in its early stages but will hopefully turn into a space where conversations about inclusivity and interculturalism can take place.

Any and all questions about projects can be sent to [email protected].