New public school initiative helps all


As long as Grand Valley State University has been standing, the university has made a long-time commitment to student education. Not only is GV focused on giving their students the best educational experience possible, but the overall Michigan community, as well.

The Grand Valley Board of Trustees has achieved this goal for the past 22 years by partnering with Michigan charter schools in order to improve education grades K-12. GVSU now charters more than 70 schools, serving more than 35,000 students total. 

The initiative of Grand Valley Charter Schools will provide workshops for all educations in Michigan to ensure that teachers are staying up-to-date with new learning techniques to ensure students are being provided the most enriched education possible. 

Often, students struggle with teachers using an out-of-date teaching style. With a vast and ever-changing society, it’s vital for educators to make sure their teaching is new and fresh, in order for students to stay engaged and proactive in their classes. Many of these new approaches come accompanied with current technology to better present new information and prepare educators for the rapidly changing world. 

Along with that, this program was also created in hopes to save money within school districts. 

It is not uncommon for school districts to be allocated a tight budget; however, this program was designed so educators can focus these funds toward other needs that will benefit the students and faculty. By utilizing this program, teachers are receiving free training that will better their teaching strategies and their students’ classroom experience. 

There are multiple opposing viewpoints when it comes to choosing between public and private schools. Not only is this training program for public school educators, but more often than not, private school administrators might not have the proper qualifications to provide students the education needed. 

The structure and restrictions of private school can often create a learning environment that hinders student expression and critical thinking skills; this is one major component that sets private and public schools a part. 

In a public school setting, each student is able to explore their own interests and talents with teachers that support their ambitions whereas, in a private school, a student’s attire, class schedule and values must all fall in line with the institutions belief system.

All of these factors have been a main focus for school districts. The spotlight has been on making sure each school district is held to a particular standard, where the focal point should be on improving a students learning experience.

This alone is why this teaching program can give public schools even more of an advantage, and the ability to instill a desire to learn and grow for not only students but educators as well. It can be hard for elementary and high school students to be passionate about going to school. With that being said, the program was also designed to motivate students to be engaged with their learning and utilize it outside the classroom.