Justin Lynch to play GV tonight

Briana Doolan

Calling all country music fans — today is the last day to buy tickets for the Justin Moore and Kari Lynch Band Spring Concert at Grand Valley State University.

Tickets are $10 for GVSU students, $15 for GVSU faculty and alumni and $20 for the general admission to the Spring Concert, tonight in the Field House Arena on the Allendale Campus. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m.

“Spotlight Productions is very excited to have a country concert at Grand Valley,” said Natalie Wozniak, Spotlight Productions music chair. “We always want to bring the best quality acts to the students for them to have fun and enjoy.”

Claire Fellin, vice president of marketing for Spotlight Productions, said people should come to the concert if they enjoy “high energy, great, live music.”

“Kari Lynch isn’t a local sensation for no reason, she can rock the vocals and guitar and her band is awesome,” Fellin said. “Plus, she’s a great blend of not just country but pop and rock too. As far as Justin Moore, you could not ask for a better price at $10 for students to see an artist that any day now will be blowing up in the country scene. He was just on the CMA’s and people are really starting to take notice, so students should take advantage to see a star up close and personal.”

Students can also catch up with GVSU’s Student Senate, who will be offering up a chance for students to register to vote in this year’s presidential election with Rock the Vote.

“Come have fun at the show as the year is winding down, there’s nothing better than a night of music especially when it’s right here at GVSU,” Wozniak said.

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