CAB proves GV’s Got Talent


COURTESY \ GVSU Campus Activity Board

Katherine Arnold, Staff Reporter

On Oct. 10, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) will be hosting the annual GV’s Got Talent event that is free to attend for everyone. Comprised of student talent varying from singing and dancing to comedy and magic, this event will feature 10 students who passed through the event’s audition phase the week before. 

“I love getting to meet new people through this event and seeing all the different talents that walk through the door for auditions,” said Teri Jones, CAB’s Director of Live Music who is in charge of running this year’s event. 

As GV’s Got Talent is a competition, performers will undergo judging for a chance to make it to the top three and win an amazing prize. The twist is that unlike most talent competitions, judging will be done by the students who attend. Once the competition commences, a Google Doc will be open for attendees to vote on their favorites. The three prizes for this year’s winners are a 43” TV, Apple Airpods and a Fire TV Cube. 

“What makes this event great is being able to see everyone’s talents,” Jones said. “Seeing my fellow Lakers get on stage and show off what they got and not being afraid to do it.”

It takes courage to put your accomplishments to the test, especially in front of an audience comprised of students like yourself. The opportunity to experience the unexpected talents of the students on campus is part of what makes this event such an amazing experience. 

“This event will not only show people there are so many students on this campus that have a special talent,” Jones said. “It also can tell us that we should show our talent to the world and not be afraid to do it.”  

This event will begin at 7 p.m. in the Grand River Room. Though the individual talents are being kept secret until the performance itself, the mystery is always a highlight of the night.