“Rocky Horror Picture Show” promises interactive fun


Participants from a previous year’s showing. COURTESY / Spotlight Productions

Katherine Arnold, Staff Reporter

For over five years, an Interactive Rocky Horror Picture Show event has been held on Grand Valley’s campus to the great enjoyment of its student attendees. In the past few years, the event has become an opportunity for the LGBT Resource Center to work alongside campus organizations to create an atmosphere for fans of the movie to enjoy the film like they never have before. Every year fans from every major across campus come together to celebrate a film masterpiece of music and dance that perfectly suits the Halloween season. This year Campus Activities Board (CAB) is working to make this year’s just as great as the one before. 

If you haven’t seen the cult classic before, it follows the story of a young couple, Brad and Janet, when they become stranded and stumble across the mansion of the mysterious Dr. Frank-N-Furter. They arrive just in time to witness his newest creation of ultimate sexiness and masculinity: Rocky Horror. 

“This interactive event is a great way for students and faculty to celebrate the Halloween season as a community,” said Zac Fillmore, CAB’s Director of Cinema.  

Interactive only describes half of what this event has to offer, with real-life props being used to make the experience even more memorable, such as rice, newspapers, toilet paper and more. During the show, everyone will be given a variety of materials so that they can interact with the show and its actors throughout the experience, like throwing rice at the actors on-screen to parody the wedding guests in beginning of the movie. Many more interactions, like shouting lines back at the movie or poking fun at the main characters, emerge as the film progresses. Students are also encouraged to come dressed as their favorite characters, and there will be a costume contest to see who dressed the best.

At 9 p.m. on Oct. 30, students can gather in the Grand River Room in Kirkhof to celebrate this cinematic classic. There’s no charge to enter and snacks will be provided. The event is also LIB 100/201 approved, for students who are looking for a fun event to help them earn credit for their classes. Come and see your favorite film made interactive, and if you haven’t seen it before, come and see what makes this event an annual classic on Grand Valley’s campus!