Q&A: CAB adapts to COVID restrictions on campus life


Courtesy / Teri Jones

Katherine Arnold, Staff Reporter

During this fall semester, students have come to expect new and unforeseen trials that they have never experienced before. Amongst living and dining changes, student life events have made the transition into new formats and health precautions. The Campus Activities Board, as one of the primary hosts of student life events across Grand Valley State University’s campus, has begun to use new planning strategies in order to safely bring student life events to the community.

Teri Jones, CAB’s co-director of Special Events, has helped us answer a few of the most pressing questions about what students can expect from this semester’s activities.

Will I still be able to have a student life experience this fall? 

The short answer is yes. We’ve outlined below the ways that students will be able to participate in events this semester to whatever comfort level they are ready for. No matter your preference, there are events planned for those who want a virtual experience and even some for those who would prefer in-person.

Will all the student events be virtual now? 

Actually, no. There will be in-person and virtual options depending on the type of event that is being held. While a majority of the events will be virtual, there will still be some events available in either in-person or virtual formats.

For virtual events, students will be able to join through Zoom. For in-person events, there will be a limited number of seats that students will be able to RSVP for in advance. What students can expect is new and creative ways for events to be held safely.

For in-person options, how can I safely attend? 

Making the decision to attend an event in-person doesn’t necessitate putting yourself at risk. Following health precautions such as wearing a mask and practicing the six feet social distancing protocol will help to make your experience a safe one.

By putting a limit on the number of students attending, CAB is limiting the exposure students have with one another. We want to ensure that everyone can keep laughing and smiling throughout this uncertain time.

How do I find out about upcoming student events? 

Students can learn more about upcoming events by visiting CAB on social media @gvsucab. Zoom links can be found on CAB’s Instagram account, for students looking for a virtual student life this year. Additionally, the campus-wide event calendar at gvsu.edu/events will be updated throughout the semester to show students the up and coming events open for attendance.

What events are coming up?

On Tuesday, Sept. 10, CAB is hosting a Circus Dubois performance at 2 p.m. on the Northeast Lawn. This magical show features Viktoria Grimmy and Michael DuBois as they perform incredible feats like juggling, contortion, circus stunts and more.

On Friday, Sept. 18, CAB is running a chalking competition all day by the Cook Carillon Tower.  Come and show others your chalking game and find out who is the best.

What does all this mean for students and their campus life? 

For fellow students, the option for both in-person and virtual opportunities will provide a chance to experience campus events how they want to. Every individual can choose the formats they prefer and look forward to the wide variety of events that CAB will be hosting during the next few months.

Even though we might be facing a changing pandemic every day, we can still figure out ways to get the most out of our university experience. Together, we can find new ways to be happy and healthy this fall.