Semester-in-Review: Opinion


Stoll’s tenure set the bar high, created a new GV culture

While it is often an overused saying in yearbooks, there is a quote from legendary American poet Maya Angelou that perfectly encapsulates Associate Dean of Student Life Bob Stoll’s reputation at Grand Valley State University. (To read the rest, click here!)

We have higher expectations for 2021
This year has presented a seemingly endless series of tragedies; mass unemployment, the deaths of over 280,000 Americans caused by the coronavirus and its mismanagement at the federal level, the devastating series of wildfires at the beginning of the year, and the shocking police violence witnessed over the summer. (To read the rest, click here.)

Students replace ostriches as heads in sand become Halloween norm

Students, this is a time for some of us to seriously reconsider our attitudes towards the pandemic. This past Saturday, on Halloween, selective groups of students– both on campus and off– partied all night long, festively drinking and showing off impressive costumes. In apartments, around campus and on Snapchat, college students were celebrating everywhere. (To read the rest, click here!)

Megan Thee Stallion shooting prompts outlets to stand boldly or give in to demands

As is the case with any other musical artist, rappers love to express their true feelings through their music, and will oftentimes address allegations against them in their songs, rather than air them out to the media. (To read the rest, click here.)


‘Tis the Season to Disappoint my Mother: Sharing holidays with your significant other

Emily Eaton

Courtesy / Arun Kuchibhotla on Unsplash

It’s the time of year for me to start thinking about something I have never once considered, something I never dreamt I would have the privilege of worrying about, something that I think will now perpetually stress me out forever: splitting holidays. I wanted a boyfriend and I wanted love, but I was so focused on getting it and keeping it that I forgot about the tough stuff that comes with it like disappointing my mother. (To read the rest, click here!)

Letter to the Editor: Thank you, GVSU

John Kilbourne

Courtesy | GVSU

I write to share my appreciation for the efforts Grand Valley State University has made to make in-person instruction a reality during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you President Mantella and your administrative team, the Virus Action Committee, and the employees of Facilities Services at the university. (To read the rest, click here!)

Apple, Epic Games and the 30% tax

Fabian Segura

Courtesy / Campaign Creators

A 30% tax on anything you sell sounds a bit steep, but that is what has been the standard in the digital sales model. Microsoft does this for its games sold digitally, Google does this on its Android app store, and so does Apple. (To read the rest, click here!)

“Tenet” pushes time, cinema to its limits

Simon Wagner

Courtesy / Warner Bros.

With some of the biggest set pieces and action sequences since the “Mission: Impossible” franchise, Christopher Nolan conjures up yet another brilliant epic to add to his filmography. (To read the rest, click here!)

Detroit Lions’ practice boycott kicks off historic week in sports

Zack Goodrow and Kellen Voss

Detroit Lions’ tackle Taylor Decker speaks with teammates behind him about social injustice. (Courtesy of Detroit Free Press)

This past week in sports will be read about by our kids in textbooks, with the whole professional sports world temporarily going on pause to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. (To read the rest, click here.)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes history even after death, will live on as a civil rights icon

Olivia Fellows

Courtesy / Elle

How does one celebrate the life of another human being who made such a profound impact on millions of lives, and whose work will continue to inspire change for generations? How do you celebrate the life of a woman who stood only five-foot-one, but who’s heart, passions and drive stood larger than life? Even after her passing on Sept. 18, the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s impact continues to be seen in both the streets around the nation and the Supreme Court steps. (To read the rest, click here.)

Who is Alex Trebek?

Lauryn Syrba

GVL / Lauryn Syrba

Nobody stops the Count

Xavier Golden

Courtesy / Xavier Golden

Among the U.S.

Athena Jasman

GVL / Athena Jasman

On what would usually be a game night…

Xavier Golden

GVL / Xavi Golden