President Mantella announces program intended to meet the needs of the nation’s K-12 students


Amanda Pitts

Courtesy / GVNext, Amanda Pitts

Kylie Elwell

President Philomena V. Mantella announced the NextEd Accelerator program at Grand Valley State University’s Board of Trustees meeting on Feb. 26.

This new accelerator program is for K-12 students, aiding them in having success with virtual learning and tutoring. It will contain programs made to address the issues around equity and opportunity.

The university also has a program called K-12 Connect. Since this program was introduced last summer, it has already aided more than 1,800 students, as well as providing more than 7,500 hours of tutoring for these students. 

“It will be a space to develop innovative solutions that support K-12 educators and learners,” said Rob Kimball, Associate Vice President for Charter Schools. “GVSU has a long history of embracing innovative ideas that advance teaching and learning in K-12 education. We are building on this rich history. GV NextEd Accelerator draws from our value for innovation and will further GVSU’s mission to find meaningful solutions for all learners.” 

The College of Education will be a major partner for NextEd since this program is aiming to support learners and educators more. NextEd Accelerator is geared towards creating more space for programs like K-12 Connect, implementing more low-cost and high-impact programs for education and learning.

There have been many learning complications and setbacks due to COVID-19 and virtual learning, this program is working towards improving hardships within schooling for students, educators and more. 

“GV NextEd Accelerator will be a space to support education entrepreneurs, including brilliant faculty, staff, students, and K-12 educators, explore cutting-edge ideas that can improve public education on a statewide, national or global scale,” Kimball said. “It will allow these innovators to work across the university, especially with the College of Education and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Every idea or initiative GV NextEd Accelerator explores must enhance equity in public education. We must be able to meet the diverse needs of our communities, especially communities where the need is the highest.”

This Accelerator will be dedicated to meeting the needs of K-12 Students, as well as educators and education entrepreneurs involved in schools across the nation. This program was introduced to test new ideas and implement the ones that work well, so there can be efficient and effective learning outcomes for students. 

 “GV NextEd Accelerator is a forward-looking initiative to allow the best of Grand Valley to connect with like-minded partners to advance opportunity and equity,” Kimball said. “It’s a space to help transform public education to be more learner-centric and responsive. It’s the future, and GVSU is leading the way.”

GVSU continues to introduce programs and initiatives that will benefit educational partners, students, and more. The university’s faculty and staff are committed to strengthening and developing educational programs to benefit K-12 learners, as well as their K-12 Connect program.