Letter to the Editor: Student Senate acknowledges students’ Campus Dining concerns


GVL / Annabelle Robinson

Autumn Mueller, Student Senate President

Grand Valley State University Student Senate is very aware that Campus Dining has become a widespread issue at the forefront of many student experiences on GVSU’s campuses. 

We acknowledge student concerns and the issues regarding Campus Dining while simultaneously recognizing that these issues are multifaceted and complex in their nature, influenced by a wide array of both internal and external factors.

To address these concerns, Student Senate has mobilized and taken action by working with the appropriate university administration figures to create the University Food Committee (UFC). The UFC has been adopted by the university, and now stands as a registered University Academic Committee, allowing the committee to work directly with university administration.

During our creation of the committee, Student Senate mindfully created an environment that directly involved students from a variety of organizations and demographics with the intention of representing the student body holistically, along with appropriate participation from faculty and staff. Student Senate has also continued to share public comments that are received at our General Assembly meetings with UFC and the two co-chairs of the committee.

Internally, Student Senate continues to discuss amongst our Student Senate body how we can continue to mobilize to address the ongoing concerns by working with our university partners. We believe operating under a model of shared governance–working actively and collaboratively with our university administrative partners–is how we will begin to see progress and change for our fellow Lakers. 

The UFC offers a space where students will be able to directly communicate with faculty and staff about the issues that are important to them and discuss ways that GVSU can change or fix those issues in regards to Campus Dining. Additionally, Grand Valley State University still offers the forum of the Food Committee. 

However, Student Senate remains firmly committed to hearing from students. We host our General Assembly Meetings, bi-weekly, on alternating Thursdays at 4:30pm and we welcome public comment from the student body. Information on the time and locations of our meetings can be found on our website.

Although we cannot reply to public comment, Student Senate acknowledges the comments that are made regarding Campus Dining as we have sent and made sure that they are being seen by the correct individuals. If you are unable to attend our General Assembly due to time conflicts, please feel free to email your public comment to our Student Senate email to be read aloud during the Public Comment section of our meeting agenda.

Grand Valley State University Student Senate is committed to positively impacting the student body and our community by working through shared governance to produce effective change and a better Laker experience for all.