Arts & Entertainment Briefs 3/20


Emma Armijo, Arts & Entertainment Editor

GV Dance Program celebrates Dance Day

The dance program within Grand Valley State University’s Music, Theatre & Dance Department recognizes national dance holidays with an informal concert showcasing all of the current work-in-progress pieces. 

The informal concert is held for incoming students interested in the arts at GVSU or those who are looking into joining the dance program. The Spring Dance Day performance will give interested students a glimpse into the pieces that will be performed in the formal Spring Dance Concert in April, and a chance to understand some of the ways Lakers are learning hands-on in the arts. 

The performance is followed by a question-and-answer session with all of the current dance students enrolled in Dance Company. Guests are able to directly interact with Dance Company members and receive face-to-face feedback to real-life questions any incoming students are curious about. Topics can range from information about the dance program, curriculum balance for students and scheduling.

To find more information about the dance program at GVSU, those interested can visit the Grand Valley State University website under Music, Theatre & Dance.

New Music Ensemble hosts competition for GV Composers

The New Music Ensemble at GVSU will perform a short concert featuring student-created compositions responding to the featured Art Gallery show. The gallery that’s focused for this year’s composition contest is the exhibition “Convergence: Cracks in the Glass Ceiling.” The student composers will be judged by a panel of judges and the audience. 

The top three contestants will receive cash prizes. The audience’s favorite piece will also receive recognition and a prize. The event will take place this Monday, March 20 at 7:00 p.m.

For more information, visit the GVSU Events Calendar or the New Music Ensembles website through the GVSU page.

VMA hosts guest Dori Tunstall

The Visual Media Arts Department is welcoming artist and professional Dori Tunstall this week as a visiting guest speaker. Tunstall is an anthropologist and design advocate that focuses on advocacy for critical theory, culture and design.

She has international experience and influence from working across the world and will be sharing her practice and expertise through her recently published book, “Decolonizing Design.”

Tunstall is recognized as a leader in the decolonization of art and design education and the Dean of Design at Ontario College of Art and Design. She is the first Black person and Black female dean of a faculty of design. 

All VMA staff, faculty and students are encouraged to attend these events. They’re free and open to any students on campus, taking place on March 20 and 21.

More information can be found in the VMA Department’s calendar of events on the GVSU website.