A&E Briefs 1/20

Mary Racette

International programs showcase 50 years 

From Monday, Jan. 6 through June 19 in the Lake Ontario Hall Red Wall Gallery, there will be an exhibition in honor of 50 years of international programs at Grand Valley State University. This gallery will include photos and texts about each program, an overview of the history of the program and what each one has to offer to students on campus.

At the gallery wall, students are able to visualize the different programs available and see stories shared by fellow students who have studied abroad. By putting this on a gallery wall, it is easier and more accessible for students to learn about the benefits of study abroad.

GVSU’s study abroad program has grown tremendously over the years. Beginning with the first partnerships with universities in Poland, Yugoslavia, and Japan, GVSU now has partnerships with universities all over the globe.

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Pristmatica on Monroe lights up the city

The third annual World of Winter Festival began this Friday, Jan. 17. Organized by Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., a new event was added this year to kick off the family fun festival. Pristmatica on Monroe was first displayed on Friday morning from 9 a.m.-11 p.m. and will be on display through Feb. 16.

The World of Winter Festival is a month-long festival filled with winter-themed, family-friendly programming and events that are free to the public. The festival was created to take advantage of Michigan’s cold winter weather and provide fun ways for people to get outside and enjoy the season. 

Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. Communications Specialist Samantha Suarez said that the World of Winter Festival is designed to make Grand Rapids a better winter city, “which makes Grand Rapids a better year round city.”

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Grand Rapids Broadway brings Hamilton to the city 

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony award winning musical “Hamilton” is coming to Broadway Grand Rapids at DeVos Performance Hall. Opening Jan. 21 and running to Feb. 9, the Grand Rapids community will be able to see the popular musical which blended broadway with rap, hip-hop and other genres. 

“Hamilton” is centered around Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers. Opening with an overview of his childhood as an orphan, the play acts out major life events, including the Revolutionary War, up until his death.