Semester-in-Review: Laker Life

GV creates community through Sustainable Agriculture Project

Katherine Arnold

Produce from the Community Supported Agriculture efforts of Grand Valley’s Sustainable Agriculture Project. Courtesy / Yumi Jakobcic

During this hectic year, it can be hard to remember the days when volunteer work was commonplace. For some organizations, they have either had to limit or cease their volunteer efforts because of the risks involved with maintaining their full operations. At Grand Valley State University, however, COVID-19 hasn’t hindered the work of the Sustainable Agriculture Project (SAP). (To read the rest, click here!)

Honors College hosts discussion between student politicians

Katherine Arnold

Student candidate Eric-John Szczepaniak chimes in on Zoom during the virtual event.
(GVL/Katherine Arnold)

In the United States of the past few years, it has become a matter of increasingly frequent discussion that America’s political representation lacks influence and perspective from its youth. Every day, university students struggle between wanting their political voices heard and believing that they don’t have the power to change the system they live in. On the contrary, however; right now, especially as election season approaches is the perfect time for the younger generations to stand up and take part in the decisions of their communities, states, and nation. (To read the rest, click here!)

West Michigan flocks to apple orchards

Autumn Pitchure

Apple picking is more popular than ever during the fall of 2020. (GVL / Autumn Pitchure)

During this fall season, people are starting to regain some freedom with businesses like movie theaters opening back up, as well as the election on the horizon giving people the chance to vote. (To read the rest, click here!)

GV community to celebrate Election Day

Autumn Pitchure

The Community Service Learning Center is striving to engage students with the election on Nov. 3. (GVL/Megan Landgren)

This year there is a groundbreaking election between two very different political figures: current President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. A primary factor in this 2020 election will be the turnout of young voters in the college-age demographic. To highlight the impact students have as voters and get them engaged with the election, Grand Valley State University’s Community Service Learning Center is hosting an outside Election Day Celebration on the big day of Tuesday, Nov. 3. (To read the rest, click here!)

Art faculty adapts to remote instruction

Ysabela Golden

One student’s “gingerbread cookie project.” GVL / Xavier Golden

As the community at Grand Valley State University awaits the beginning of the fall semester on Aug. 31, many students are wondering how previously face-to-face methods of instruction will transfer to hybrid classes — and many faculty members are preparing for the possibility that a spike in COVID-19 cases could force their partially in-person lesson plans to go fully online. (To read the rest of the article, click here!)

Species Stronghold: Reptile Conservation in Michigan

Ysabela Golden

The Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake was the main feature of the seminar “Reptile conservation in the Midwest using landscape ecology and genetics.” (Courtesy/Eric McCluskey)

When people discuss saving species from the danger of extinction, it’s often the endearing animals that come to mind: cute pandas, powerful tigers, hilarious penguins. But the truth is that many of the species disappearing from the ecosystems they’re needed in aren’t endearing to humans at all. In fact, some of them are disappearing specifically because humans didn’t want them around. (To read the rest, click here!)