GV moves-in with new housing requirement


GVL / Jonathan Lantiegne

Elizabeth Schanz, Staff Writer

In the wake of COVID-19 disruption to in-person classes and on-campus living, Grand Valley State University announced that first year students will be required to live on-campus beginning fall 2021. 

According to the GVSU housing and residence life website, the decision to require student to live on-campus is supported by data. Some positive outcomes related to living on-campus include higher grade point averages, retention rates, higher graduation rates and the opportunity to better connect with the services and supports provided by Housing and Residence Life. 

GVSU offers many different styles of housing in order to accommodate all preferences and needs. Many traditional options for first year housing are found on North Campus, according to the Housing and Residence Life website. Many freshmen stay in styles of housing such as traditional, cluster, suite, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. 

Additionally, first year students can stay on South campus where there are living-learning communities, Niemeyer Honors College dorms, and various apartment styles. On the GVSU downtown campus, housing has also been made available for first year students, according to the Housing and Residence life website.

First year student Riley Hohlbein is one of the many students who are living on-campus this year. Hohlbein will be living in the Niemeyer dorm in the four bedroom apartment-style which she chose because of its amenities such as separate bedrooms and kitchen.  

Hohlbein said that she would have lived on-campus during this year regardless of the requirement.

“I think there are lots of benefits [to living on-campus], like meeting new people and being so close to all of your classes and activities,” Hohlbein said. 

It is possible to receive an exemption from the new on-campus requirements. There are some instances in which an exemption will automatically be granted, for instance; if the student is two or more years out of high school, has primary or joint custody of a child, is married, will commute from the residence of a parent or guardian or is a veteran, according to the Housing and Residence Life website.

Maddeline Hosfelt, an incoming GVSU freshman, made the decision to live off-campus and was granted an exemption. Hosfelt lives in Jenison, Mich. which is a ten minute commute to the GVSU Allendale campus.

“I made the decision to live off-campus because I wanted to save money. I live close enough to GV that it isn’t a problem to drive,” Hosfelt said. 

Even though students may choose to not live on-campus during their first year, upperclassmen still are able to potentially live in housing in the future. 

“I do think I will move into housing,” Hosfelt said. “I am waiting to save more money and get an apartment-style place to move into.”

The cost of living on the GVSU campus depends primarily on the style of housing. Typically the cost is approximately 3,000 to 5,000 dollars and freshman housing includes the price of a 14 meals a week meal plan, according to the Housing and Residence Life website.