Stars for Make-a-Wish host kickoff event


Courtesy / GVSU Stars Make a Wish

Kayla Worthy, Staff Writer

Grand Valley State University has a wide variety of extracurricular activities for students to join and participate in, whether that be a club, organization or student-led event. One organization, Stars for Make-a-Wish, is looking for students to join them for their fall kickoff. 

Stars for Make-a-Wish is dedicated to finding like-minded and compassionate students to help out those in need. GVSU students that are involved want to help the Michigan Make-a-Wish foundation in their mission to grant wishes to children with chronic illnesses. Along with that, they participate in other events to help local communities. 

“It does not take much to get involved in our group, especially because of COVID,” said President of Stars for Make-a-Wish, Olivia Tanner. “We just want as much participation as possible and ask for any help that anyone wants to give.” 

Stars for Make-a-Wish has participated in many different events for the community in the past such as Kids Food Basket, fundraisers at Panera and Lake Michigan Nutrition and Zoo Goes Boo at John Ball.

“My goal for this year is to help out as local as possible, but a lot of our proceeds for our fundraisers and more specifically our Wish pages go toward the Michigan Make-a-Wish foundation,” Tanner said.

While their fundraising does go to help children in the Make-a-Wish program, they are specifically hoping to aid those impacted in Michigan. 

“It’s a very fulfilling group to be a part of,” said Social Media and Events Coordinator, Hannah Greenstein. “We’re looking for all the help we can get to better our community.” 

There’s a variety of levels of involvement. Those who are interested in Stars for Make-a-Wish have plenty of opportunities to become board members if they are interested. However, Vice President Paige Harris ensures that everyone’s voice will be heard at meetings.

“Anyone who decides they’d like to join would sit on the board along with us,” Harris said. “There are definitely opportunities along the way to move up to higher positions as well, but your voice will be just as important and influential as ours.” 

The organization just recently had a meeting on Monday, Sept. 13 to discuss potential events they would like to prepare for. Nothing has been set in stone yet but so far they have decided to organize a bake sale. They have also started to plan a traveling trip down to the Devos Hospital to decorate the outside of the building with lights. They will also be involved in the Zoo Goes Boo event at John Ball Zoo again this year. 

“We don’t have set dates quite yet for our events but the best way to check on those dates would be to join our Facebook group, GVSU Stars for Make-a-Wish 2021,” Tanner said. “If you want to join or have any questions you can email me at [email protected].” 

Those who are able to donate can visit to learn more about the group and its team.