Decorating bras for a cause


GVL / Sydney Lim

Kayla Worthy, Staff Writer

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many on-campus groups at Grand Valley State University are taking that opportunity to raise awareness and money for charities that work to fight for a cure.

All around GVSU there are signs to bring awareness about breast cancer and reminders for students and staff to check themselves during this month. All genders should regularly check themselves for lumps due to everyone having breast tissue, breast cancer isn’t only a woman’s issue.

This month students can participate in events that sponsor breast cancer awareness foundations. These groups work towards finding a cure for breast cancer, but they also help with prevention, diagnosing and treatment. One of GVSU’s sororities is working to raise awareness for the disease.

Sigma Lambda Gamma’s National Philanthropy is raising awareness for breast cancer. During this month they annually host a bra decorating event in which their members and anyone else who attends can decorate bras with jewels, gems, feathers and more. All materials are provided by their organization.

“The bras that are decorated are used for our end-of-the-month event called ‘Rocking Bras for Breast Cancer,’” said Mia Guzman, president of the organization. “With this event, we will use the bras by having fraternities wear them and collect monetary donations in Kirkhof. We hold signs up with breast cancer facts and hand out pamphlets on how to check yourself for signs and symptoms for breast cancer.” 

All of the proceeds for this will be donated to help organizations in West Michigan that are working to fight against breast cancer. Many fraternities on-campus are also willing to lend a helping hand in raising awareness by pairing up with Sigma Lambda Gamma.

“Most frats understand the importance of spreading awareness about breast cancer and that’s enough for them to get over their pride,” Guzman said. “It’s to raise money and it’s for a good cause. If their masculinity isn’t secure enough for the event though, that’s alright. There are many fraternities that will.” 

Many of the people in attendance of the bra decorating event have loved ones who have been or are currently being affected by breast cancer. According to The American Cancer Society, in 2021 alone there will be 281,550 new cases of invasive breast cancer in women.

“My mom just recently had surgery for breast cancer prevention since she had a high risk,” said Raven Worthy, a GVSU student.

Besides decorating bras, Sigma Lambda Gamma also sold stickers to raise money to fight breast cancer. They have also asked students to wear pink on certain days on their social media pages to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

By hosting these events, Sigma Lambda Gamma is hoping to raise awareness and lower the stigma around breast cancer. Having these open conversations about the disease normalizes the issue. Students who attend these events can learn about the warning signs and symptoms associated with breast cancer.