Lanthorn Opinion: Semester in Review

As the semester comes to a close, here are some of our favorite columns.

News on News: Institutional censorship is nothing new for the Lanthorn

There seems to be a stigma surrounding student newspapers, as some think that we are merely a PR platform to make the university look good.”


Facebook: All of the glory, none of the guilt

On the surface, Mark Zuckerberg is just respecting our rights; he’s looking out for us, with our best interests at heart. But he’s not.”


Tindér: Red and Gold

I realized that Tinder is, in fact, exactly like Pokemon. The Tinder boys are all encapsulated in a little circle, only to come out when you need them to do something for you. ”


Busy for Love: Shakespeare’s modern tragedy

Breaking it off was the mature, responsible, borderline-scholarly thing to do. To me, we were the loosely based modern version of Romeo and Juliet, a love story plagued in the end by tragedy. ”


While corporate media goads progressive in-fighting for ratings, journalism suffers

Trust in information that has merit and is provable, not information that is faulty and sensationalized.”


By Katie Cussans
By Athena Jasman