Busy for Love: Shakespeare’s modern tragedy 

Emily Eaton, Columnist

We’re all so busy. I often find myself wishing there were just a couple more hours in the day, just enough so I could breathe, work, and do homework. We all complain about it, yet we still manage to fit in the things we enjoy. I’m still watching The Bachelor, even if it’s a five-hour episode week. 

If it’s something you really want to do, you make time for it. After much frustration over the years, I couldn’t help but wonder why the most often used breakup excuse many of us have heard from men entails the lack of time… Apparently, he just doesn’t have any.  

The first guy who told me he didn’t have time for a relationship successfully sold me on the idea. I nodded my head in approval, saying, “You’re right, baby. You are so successful and busy that there is absolutely no time to give me the attention that I deserve!”

 Breaking it off was the mature, responsible, borderline-scholarly thing to do. To me, we were the loosely based modern version of Romeo and Juliet, a love story plagued in the end by tragedy. 

I was wrong. He had a new (Who am I kidding? There was a total dating overlap), serious girlfriend within the next month.

My friend had a boyfriend this summer. An actual one, not just stuck in the talking stage where a so-called “too busy man” might keep you in. After a couple months, he didn’t have any time either. Still had time to get back on Tinder, though. 

I feel that after years of experience, I’ve developed an eye for spotting the man with bad intentions. I turn a blind eye when it happens to me of course, but with my friends, I can see them coming — except this one. He pulled one over us all with the lavish dates, the cookie deliveries and his sweet words. 

All of us were wrong. He cancelled the next day’s date and pronounced his newfound love affair with business. Later that night, he leaned back in his desk chair, Bud Light in hand, and with alarmingly aggressive force, swiped through Tinder yet again

I know these men might actually have busy lives. School is difficult enough in itself. But when Mr. C’s Get Degrees — who’s sitting pretty at 6 credits with no job but plenty of beer — throws us out the window instead of climbing up it, it’s hard for me to believe he couldn’t spare an hour for a coffee, or 30 seconds for a text. You don’t even have to pause 2k, just send it after.

We aren’t asking for much. Men have every right to dump us, no matter how much it hurts. But although the truth hurts, the busy girl doesn’t want to hear your busy woes. Spare us the sob story and break up with us the normal way: ghost us.