The Lanthorn’s Election 2020 Hub: Results, Polling and More


Lanthorn Editorial Board

Election Day is underway and the Lanthorn will be covering local and national results, polling and sentiments.

Last Updated: 12:00 a.m. – Results will be further updated Nov. 4

Donald Trump v Joe Biden (United States President)

209 – 118 in favor of Biden (34 states reported)

John James v Gary Peters (14th Congressional District, US Senate) 

1,453,848 – 1,141,241 in favor of James  (47% of votes in)

Brian Berghoef v Bill Huizenga (MI 2nd Congressional District, US House) 

156,370 – 80,882 in favor of Huizenga (60% of votes in)

Franklin Cornielle v Luke Meerman (Michigan House District 88)

35,390 – 13,065 in favor of Meerman (27 of 31 precincts fully reporting)

Michigan Board of Education 

Michelle A. Frederick (R, 85,509) leading and Tami Carlone (R, 84,615)

Michigan Supreme Court Justice

Bridget Mary McCormack (960,253 votes, 30% of votes) and Mary Kelly (594,554 19% of votes) leading (41.3% of precincts reporting)

Mary Buzuma v Justin Roebuck (Ottawa County Clerk)

95,644 – 18,836 in favor of Roebuck (78 of 105 precincts fully reporting)

Michigan state proposals 1 & 2

Proposal 1, Change how park revenue can be spent: Yes at 83% (39% of precincts reporting)

Proposal 2: Requires warrant for electronic data: Yes at 88% (39% of precincts reporting)


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