Exit polls cite economy, COVID-19 response as top issues


Kellen Voss and Nick Moran

Following the closure of some state polling places around the country, exit polling data is starting to paint a picture for how results may come in.

According to CNN exit polling, voters are most focused on issues like the economy (one in three) and racial injustice (one in five) as top issues, but COVID-19 response (one in six), healthcare (one in 10), and crime and violence (one in 10) as additional topics.

Views on the handling of the pandemic are expectedly split by political lean amongst U.S. voters.

According to the polls, Trump supporters are much more likely to list the economy (six out of 10 Trump voters) as their top issue, while only 5% of Trump voters called the coronavirus pandemic the top issue they’re worried about.

Three times as many Biden backers list the coronavirus (three out of 10) as their top issue compared to the coronavirus (one out of 10).

More than one third of Biden voters said that racial inequality was the country’s biggest issue, beating out all other issues listed for Blue voters.