Alumni event opens discussion on health care professions

GVL / Courtesy - Kelsey Keyport
5 Under 35 event (2014)

Kelsey Keyport

GVL / Courtesy - Kelsey Keyport 5 Under 35 event (2014)

Samantha Elliott-Mosley

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Students and alumni at Grand Valley State University will gather for an open panel featuring health care professionals at the Future Alumni Association’s (FAA) upcoming Five Under 35 event.

The event will take place at the Alumni House Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 6 p.m.

This panel discussion will be the first of its kind this year, with more “Under 35” events to follow. In addition, each semester will focus on a different field of study at GVSU.

This semester’s event will feature five GVSU graduates under the age of 35, including: Krystine Nobel, Margaret Normandin, Justin Gray, Courtney Cave and Brett Cain.

Whether attendees are freshmen recently embarking on their college experience or are seniors approaching the end, students will have the opportunity to ask questions. Although this event has a business casual dress recommendation, the conversation will be casual and open for discussion.

In addition, students will be given the opportunity to have professional head shots taken. Finally, the event will feature a raffle for attendees to enter and win prizes such as a stethoscope or items from the bookstore.

Kelsey Keipert, president of the Future Alumni Association, is looking forward to this candid discussion among students interested in health care and GVSU alumni in the field.

The alumni will be able to give first-hand knowledge to students about applying the knowledge and skills they learned at GVSU to the real world.

“They’re relevant to students, because they just went to Grand Valley,” Keipert said.

The FAA is the only student chapter of the GVSU’s Alumni Association. The goal of the organization is to connect students to alumni, provide space for networking events and facilitate a mentorship program.

All GVSU students are automatically members of this organization, but can choose to become more involved.

There are two levels of involvement within the organization, one is what the FAA calls “open membership,” for anyone who wants to be involved with no commitment. These members will receive emails and notifications, but can choose which events they want to attend.

Additionally, there is the choice of becoming a “committee member.” These members are expected to attend meetings, join a committee and help plan events. A benefit to becoming more involved, Keipert said, is the committee members have mentors, which can be very helpful in developing their professional pathway.

Membership and events within the FAA help students build a bridge from their college life to their professional life ahead. Students can obtain internships, which have led to jobs offers through connections made via the association.

“It’s great for professional development,” Keipert said. “It’s also great way to get involved and give back to campus, because you help plan events for other students.”

“Maybe you just start as a general member, but FAA can open so many doors,” said Caroline Miller, the marketing and communications officer for the FAA.

FAA was the first and only organization Miller joined, initially as a freshman, but now she is connected to and involved with various organizations around campus.

Miller sees the Five Under 35 event as yet another door opening and networking opportunity for students.

“It brings in alumni involved with different aspects within the Grand Rapids community further than Grand Valley,” Miller said. “It gives students a real world perspective.”

The FAA will be hosting other events and opportunities to network such as the annual Dinner with Seven Lakers and GVS(You) in the winter.

To find out more information on the organization, the upcoming events or how to get involved, visit