Critique of the LRC

Lucas Cantu

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It’s a Thursday afternoon, and I am sitting here in the LRC logging hours for my Spanish 102 class. I’ve talked to other students about this and cannot find a logical reason for me sitting here wasting my time and the school’s resources. Looking around I see people on Facebook, a girl next to me playing full screen 3D RPG games, and here I am writing this. All of which pertain nothing to school or the learning of a language. Even when I try to do homework, the environment is too distracting to focus. I understand that we need to be aware of the resources available to us. I honestly don’t know what this place does or know it’s potential. A one time required tour of the LRC, or one class day spent in the LRC would be a more rational beneficial approach to this truly lovely center. Well, I better get back to to finish up my LRC learning while other students impatiently watch, waiting to use my computer.

Lucas Cantu

Junior Electrical Engineering Student