Show respect on GVSU Crushes

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Letter to Lakers,

The other night as I was procrastinating homework, I decided to go to the GVSU Crushes Twitter page and read through the latest tweets. Instead of finding mostly nice compliments to fellow Lakers, I was disturbed by the amount of sexual so-called “compliments” I found. One even said “I would love to have ______’s big lips wrapped around my junk #HitMeUP.” How absolutely disgusting. I am outraged that someone would think it is fine to say such a thing about someone else. This is taking sexual harassment to a new medium, social networking. I would hope nobody would ever say half of the tweets they anonymously submitted to the Twitter page in real life, and accordingly why would they say it online? Posting sexual comments such as this online makes the comment all the more creepy, as you can’t identify the source, you can’t report the person and you have no idea if this person is sitting next to you in class. I ask that my fellow Lakers continue with the kind compliments versus the sexual ones. Have respect for your peers.

Jordan Chrispell


Women and Gender Studies, Political Science