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News Briefs 10/15

GVL Briefs

Volunteers save the 2023 GR Santa Parade

The city of Grand Rapids announced the annual Santa Parade is back on the schedule for the holiday season.

Due to unforeseen changes in leadership and capacity constraints within the Grand Rapids Junior Chamber (GRJC), the organization in charge of the Santa Parade each year, the winter holiday event was canceled through an announcement.

However, Grand Rapids announced on Oct. 12 that “the beloved holiday event” is saved, due to the generosity of volunteers and event coordinators.

“I am very pleased with the collaborative response from our community and staff and am proud that we will celebrate a 102nd Santa Parade here in Grand Rapids on Nov. 18,” Evette Pittman, Grand Rapids Special Events Manager, said in a statement to the city.

The Santa Parade will take place on the corner of Lyon Street and Monroe Avenue in downtown Grand Rapids, Mich. on Nov. 18. The event is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

For more information regarding the Grand Rapids Santa Parade, visit the event’s Facebook page.

GOP nominee Scalise pulls out of House Speaker race

Steve Scalise, the front-running nominee of the Republican Party for the new Speaker of the House has dropped from consideration for the position, despite being backed by the majority of the Republican Party and receiving endorsement as the party’s nominee one day prior.

NPR writes many holdouts believed Scalise was no better choice, saying “he should be focusing on his health as he battles cancer and that he was not the leader they would support.” The House concluded with no consensus.

Scalise’s withdrawal threw the House into further chaos, as they scrambled to find a new Speaker after ousting Representative Kevin McCarthy who previously held the position. NBC News said it “is unclear who can find the votes to unify the fractured — and narrow — majority of 221 House Republicans” in an article on Oct. 12.

In a secret ballot vote Wednesday, Oct. 11, Republicans nominated Scalise to be the majority party’s speaker nominee. This movement won in a vote of 113-99, forgoing Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, for the position.

Jordan chairs the Judiciary Committee, and was recommended by many immediately after Scalise withdrew. It is unclear if he could succeed where Scalise failed.

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