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News fall 2023 semester in review

News fall 2023 semester in review

Campus housing overflow causes crowding, conflict

With more than 7,000 incoming students and even more returning students coming to Grand Valley State University this fall, Housing and Residence Life is facing new on-campus housing challenges.

GVL/ Bethann Long

GVSU’s residence halls are over capacity. The influx of students signed to campus living contracts caused GVSU’s Housing and Residence Life to make adjustments to existing housing structures to increase room occupancy. This meant putting students in make-shift rooms in converted halls and lounges and housing more than 100 students in off-campus apartments leased by the university. How the university has addressed and managed the issues related to overcrowding has created new challenges for life on campus.

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GR community shows support during Suicide Awareness Month

Grand Rapids and Grand Valley State University show support for families and loved ones for throughout Suicide Awareness Month through the “Out of the Darkness Walk” and the “Lakers Keep Lakers Safe” initiative.

GVL / Sam Nelson

With September being Suicide Awareness Month, there are many efforts from a range of activists and organizations to raise awareness and open the conversation about mental health.

The Grand Rapids Out of the Darkness Community Walk on Sept. 17 was a proactive support walk to unite the Grand Rapids community and “acknowledge the ways in which suicide and mental health conditions have affected our lives and the lives of those we love and care about.”

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Ottawa County budget meeting ends with slashed funds, legal uncertainty

GVL/ Aida Dennis

Sticker shock: why are GV C-Store prices so high?

GVL / Bethann Long

Nearly two dozen CVS locations in Kansas City, Mo. shut down their pharmacies unexpectedly due to staff walkouts on Sept. 21 and 22. Widespread reports from all over the country show that CVS pharmacies are short-staffed and employees have been forced to work under unsafe conditions, which could cause more pharmaceutical shutdowns, and even in Grand Rapids.

According to USA Today, the final straw for the Missouri walkouts was when a manager was fired due to his refusal to force his pharmacists to close their pharmacies to help other short-staffed locations in need of help.

To continue reading Natalie Brooks’ coverage on pharmacy walkouts, click here.

MI introduces gun legislation bills that would loosen gun control restrictions

Courtesy / GOP House

State Rep. Gina Johnsen and Sen. Jonathan Lindsey have proposed two new bills that would make Michigan a gun sanctuary state. The two Republicans’ plan to make Michigan a state that protects the Second Amendment to a greater degree.

So far, two bills exist, but have yet to be passed: House Bill 5132 and Senate Bill 584. In the strictest terms, they would grant the state license to enforce which federal regulations regarding firearms they would like to recognize. This would mean a lapse in universal background checks, red flag laws and any others that inhibit gun ownership in the state.

To read more of Joseph Poulos’ coverage of MI legislation, click here.

Bioethics professor overcomes challenges, immunocompromisation

Courtesy/ Meegan Zickus
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