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GV Computing Club focuses on networking, growing careers

GVL | Ella McClintock

Story Revision 3/12- The original article misspelled  “Michael Santana” as “Micheal Santana.”

Additionally, paragraphs four through six were updated to fix gramatical mistakes and add clarity. 

Grand Valley State University’s Computing Club recently invited Gentex Corporation, a local technology and electronics company, to speak to students about the company and opportunities they offer. 

The event highlights the greater goals of the club including hosting events that help club members network and building career-focused skills.

At the event, Gentex employees gave a presentation on past projects and projects the company is working on now. Students were then able to ask questions about the company, job opportunities and internships.

Marcos Sanson, vice president of the Computing Club, said that at the end of the event, a few students, notably seniors, showed interest in working for the company and even gave Gentex’s speakers their resumes. 

Sanson expressed they were happy with the event’s turnout and members’ interest in it. Sanson said inviting Gentex aligned with the club’s mission of helping members grow their careers. 

President of the Computing Club, Skyler Ruiter, said another group goal is to help students network in the field and learn new computing skills.

“The Computing Club is a community of computing students who come together to elevate their academic, social and education skills and grow their careers,” Ruiter said. “(The meetings) are an extra tool in your toolbelt.” 

Additionally, Ruiter said the club’s activities are based on the time of year. During the fall semester, events are more career-oriented, as students are often looking for internship opportunities. In the winter semester, many of the meetings are more academic, as they invite professors and companies to speak to students. The club has also hosted resume workshops in the past, where members have peer edited each other’s résumés.

The club has seen significant growth in membership over the past few years. However, Ruiter hopes to further expand the organization– not only in membership, but in the opportunities and resources they can offer to students. 

“Something you can get from Computing Club is talking with seniors and juniors who have had more experience (and) internship experience and can tell you about the process and how it goes,” Sanson said. “(They can) actually give you personal advice so you’re not only in a classroom setting, but a community setting.”

The club will be hosting Michael Santana, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Mathematics, to speak on March 11. Santana will discuss graph theory within computer science. 

In an effort to help club members succeed academically and prepare them for future careers, the club will also be hosting a registration meeting on March 18. Attendees can seek advising on what computing classes are offered and the courses that might spark particular interests. The event aims to help students get advice from other students in their major by sharing experiences on different classes they’ve taken. 

Sanson said they are excited for the registration event, as they enjoy helping other students on their computing journeys. 

“It’s pretty fulfilling,” Sanson said. “It’s important to build a community at Grand Valley and help students with either their career or academic career, and even to potentially help them long term with these job or career opportunities.”

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