iPromise Brings a different side of sisterhood to GV

GVL/ Courtesy - Jaqueline Smith

GVL/ Courtesy – Jaqueline Smith iPromise

Jackie Smith

Sisterhood remains in the air at Grand Valley State University, even after the Panhellenic Association’s fall recruitment wraps up. Celebrating their one year anniversary on Oct. 4, iPromise is gearing up for what is anticipated to be another great year for the group.

Destine Hatcher, founder and president of iPromise, explains how the group came about.

“We’re actually the only iPromise group, and we’re thinking about branching out,” she said. “It was an idea that I had for about three years, and last summer I was sitting at my friend’s house and we were coming up with ideas. It just took off from there.”

The purpose of iPromise is to promote the quality of sisterhood, but even more so to provide guidance and boost morality.

“We are currently working on self confidence and getting over insecurities of the past,” Hatcher said. “iPromise is trying to get people out of their comfort zone and gain self worth, self-confidence and self image.”

Yvonne Yarbrough, vice president of iPromise, agrees with the idea of bettering one’s-self.

“We gear towards self improvement in women,” she said. “We want to be someone you can talk to.”

iPromise hopes to provide support and self-confidence to women at GVSU. Though they do look at themselves as a sisterhood, do not mistake them for a sorority.

“We are different from sororities, because we are open to anyone,” Yarbrough said. “Once you join you don’t have to stay forever and there’s no fee.”

iPromise holds events and activities for both members and non-members. On Sept. 29, the group is holding the event “Are you prepared for success?” in which alumni will come to talk about cover letters, resumes, proper work attire and LinkedIn. The event will take place at 9 p.m. in Lake Ontario Hall.

Oct. 13-17 serves as iPromise week, where a different event will be taking place each day. On Monday, there will be a domestic violence discussion, a bake sale will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday will be a mixer with their brother organization, iSalute. Thursday and Friday will be member-bonding days.

Unique Decosta, event coordinator for iPromise, said that she enjoys the support she receives from fellow members.

“The togetherness: it’s kind of like a mini community and we all connect on different levels,” she said. “We’re more like sisters.”

To learn more about iPromise, or to get involved, visit their webpage at www.loveipromise.com.