Students sneak a peek at Mary Idema Pew Library

GVL / Robert Mathews
Students got a chance to take a sneek peek tour of the new Mary Idema Pew library this past Wednesday.

Robert Mathews

GVL / Robert Mathews Students got a chance to take a sneek peek tour of the new Mary Idema Pew library this past Wednesday.

Kara Haight

Grand Valley State University students, faculty and staff had the chance to ‘sneak a peek’ at the Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons before the newly constructed library officially opens.

The student sneak peak on April 17 was the first time many GVSU students and staff have had the opportunity to preview the library, which began construction on May 1, 2011.

Students were invited to tour a portion of the library through the Kirkhof Center, which is connected to the library through a lower-level hallway.

Upon entering Kirkhof, students were welcomed by the GVSU Cheer team, music from a visiting DJ and free samples of Argo tea, which will be featured in the new library. Participants were then directed to the downstairs connected hallway.

Before tours began, a line of waiting students and faculty stretched around the lower level of Kirkhof, with well over 100 participants already waiting to glimpse at the new building.

Once at the entrance to the library, students were each given a raffle ticket with the chance to win prizes like GVSU stickers and t-shirts, or even an Apple iPad.

After entering the library, tours began in a hallway area still under construction. Lining the walls were posters displaying facts about the building itself, including the underground heating and the building materials used.

Participants were able to freely roam the pre-determined tour route, with current library and GVSU faculty and staff lining it to answer questions.

Excited comments and observations broke out as the hallway led into the three-story windows, looking out over GVSU’s campus.

While many of the areas were still under construction and off limits during the tour, participants were able to explore both the ground floor and first level, with the opportunity to stand and look out over one of the balconies facing the wall of windows.

After touring the library, GVSU sophomore Keana Murray was excited about the building.

“My initial reactions were, ‘wow this is big, and nice’,” Murray said.

Murray said she can picture herself spending time in the library once it opens.

“I’m a big book person, I like to read,” she said. “So I was looking around like, where is my favorite spot going to be. I’m so happy.”

While the library will be completed during summer 2013, the grand opening celebration will take place in the fall, once students return to campus.
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