MTV’s MADE visits GV

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Filming of MTVs Made. The show will be holding auditions at the University

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Courtesy Photo / Filming of MTV’s Made. The show will be holding auditions at the University

Sarah Hillenbrand

Grand Valley State University and MTV’s “MADE” have one common goal: to make students’ dreams come true.

That’s why the producer of the television show is holding a casting session for the Allendale students on Friday.

MTV offered to bring a casting session to Grand Valley,” said Michelle Burke, director of GVSU’s Office of Student Life. “We want to do something positive and that’s what we liked about ‘MADE.’ It helps students reach their goals.”

MTV is going to six or seven other schools in Michigan, as well as to other states, to hold casting sessions for the college edition of “MADE, said Ryan McRae, an MTV casting assistant for the show.”

In past seasons, high school students were chosen to appear on the show.

“We were looking to age up the show more,” McRae said. “For college students, it’s more to help students with a bigger dream of theirs and give them a bigger stake in their future.”

The casting assistant said students who want to be on the show will first be given individual interviews with the producer, who will ask about their goals, why they need help to achieve them and what life is like for them.

“We don’t have a specific number of students we’re looking for,” he said. “It depends on the turnout and the students. We might find a few students from one school and none from another.”

If chosen to be on the show, MTV will provide the student with a coach to help him or her accomplish a goal; or in the case of high schools students, teach them to do what they dream of being or doing. The coaches go through an interview as well, and are matched with students based on their qualifications for meeting the particular goal, McRae said. The coach then helps the student with their goal for several weeks, all while being filmed.

Burke said the show coming to campus provides a rare opportunity for many students.

“They’re looking for the best stories and most interesting people,” she said. “And Grand Valley does have lots of terrific students who have big dreams.”

After the casting session is over, MADE producer Nathan Johnson has also agreed to stay after and talk to film and video students about his career.

“We wanted to make it an educational opportunity so that students could learn what it’s like from somebody doing the show,” Burke said.

Junior DeLain Bomer, who dual majors in film and video as well as advertising and public relations, is planning to attend after the casting is over to talk to the producer.

“It is an open networking opportunity,” DeLain said. “It will be interesting to learn more about it [the business].”

Students who are planning to participate in the casting session must fill out a packet and register for a time slot in the Office of Student Life.

“We are excited to come to Grand Valley and meet the students,” McRae said. “For those who are trying out, have fun and relax. Show energy and passion for your goal. Just be yourself and don’t be nervous.”

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