Student Senate elections begin; 27 candidates are running

Anya Zentmeyer

Voting for Grand Valley State University’s Student Senate cabinet elections began Sunday and will run through Saturday, with results announced on April 9.

“This year we have 27 candidates running in elections,” said Ali Zimmer, executive vice president for GVSU’s Student Senate. “I look forward to it being a competitive election an I appreciate the students that have taken the time to participate in Student Senate.”

Though historically the senate’s cabinet elections have garnered less-than impressive voter turnout for the student body, Zimmer said 2011 numbers were up marginally from the previous year, in which about 8 percent — or 2,000 students — voted in the election. Last spring, an increase of about 125 students brought the voter turnout to 2,125, a little less than 9 percent.

“I do know that last year we had an increase in voter turn out and I was pleased that more GV students took an interest in Senate elections,” Zimmer said.

This time around, senators are hoping for even more participating from the almost 25,000 students enrolled at GVSU. Students must have a registered username and password through the university, and can vote online at

[email protected]