Rick DeVos announces Top 10 ArtPrize finalists

GVL/Bo Anderson

Bo Anderson

GVL/Bo Anderson

Stephanie Allen

In the running for the $200,000 grand prize and fighting to win the public’s vote are the Top 10 ArtPrize entries, announced today by founder Rick DeVos. In his announcement at Rosa Parks Circle, he said almost 400,000 votes were cast over the 11 days – one of the largest turnouts ArtPrize has seen since its beginning in 2009.

The first piece announced was the interactive opera “Song of Lift” by Martijn van Wagtendonk. Installed at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, it was also on the juror’s 3D short list.

“Life in Wood,” by Dan Heffron is the only entry to make the Top 10 list from The B.O.B. The 3D wood piece took Heffron about 4,000 hours to carve.

Also on the juror’s Urban Space short list is Richard Morse’s “Stick-to-it-ive-ness: Unwavering pertinacity; perseverance.” Located in the Grand River between Fulton and Pearl streets, it has drawn a lot of attention from viewers for its natural use of the water space.

The 8-foot wide oil painting, “Rebirth of Spring” by Frits Hoendervanger is at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. Hoendervanger has never had any formal art training and everything he learned was self-taught.

“Origami” by Kumi Yamashita is one of three finalists located at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. The piece uses 99 sheets of colored paper attached to a wall, which are creased to show the faces of 99 Grand Rapids citizens using lighting and shadow techniques.

On the outside of the Grand Rapids Public Museum is “Return to Eden” by Sandra Bryant. The colorful glass mosaic uses three panels to create a final piece that is 14-feet wide and 8-feet tall.

Also at the GRAM is “City Band” by Chris LaPorte. The pencil on paper drawing of a 1925 high school band is almost 24-feet tall and uses careful details and shadowing techniques.

“Elephants,” by Adonna Khare is the third finalist located at the GRAM. The pencil drawing has changed everyday as Khare continues to work on it.

The installation piece, “The Chase” by the Artistry of Wildlife team of five artists was sculpted out of clay, mache, steel and foam. It depicts an animal chase, held up by only one moose leg.

The last finalist announced was “Lights in the Night” by Mark Carpenter and Dan Johnson. The public performance piece happened last Friday with the lighting and release of paper lanterns that turned Grand Rapids into twinkling night sky.

The public now has until Oct. 4 to cast one vote per entry and decide which finalist will win the top prize.

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