REVIEW: ‘Antona Garcia’ cast creates laughter

Courtesy Photo / Dale Schriemer
Performing Antonia Garcia in Texas

Courtesy photo

Courtesy Photo / Dale Schriemer Performing Antonia Garcia in Texas

Stephanie Allen

For a play that’s more than 400 years old and with a lead actress that is new to the theatre stage, the production of “Antona Garcia” conjures up more than just a good show – it provides romance, sympathy and of course many good laughs.

As the first English translation of the classic Spanish drama, the Grand Valley State University student actors had nothing to base their characters off, but they each manage to develop their characters in an exciting and entertaining combination that will keep the audience’s attention through both acts.

Under the direction of theatre professor Karen Libman, the cast creates intense action scenes that are hilariously exciting and along with the over-the-top acting of Jason Yancey’s 12 Spanish students, the bits of foreign language are still understood.

The exhilarating performance and history that GVSU is making should not be missed.

Today is the first show, and tickets for the four show dates can be purchased through the Louis Armstrong Theatre Box Office or through Ticketmaster.

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