Feeding the meters:

GVL / Brianna Olson
Bethan Angell

GVL / Brianna Olson Bethan Angell

Hannah Lentz

Gone are the days of parking tickets from the Grand Valley Police Department for expired parking meters, or at least that is the goal after the introduction of a new way to feed the meters.

As of this week, students, staff and community members at Grand Valley State University will have access to the app “Parkmobile” that allows parking meters on either the Allendale or Pew campuses to be paid for electronically. While individuals can still pay for parking manually, it is the police department’s hope that tickets for parking at expired or out of order meters will be significantly reduced.

One of the key things that Parkmobile works to prevent is citations due to parking at a failed meter. In the winter months where there is a large amount of snow fall and cold temperatures, meters will often be out of order and parking at them will result in a citation. With the use of this app, these meters can be parked at without penalty.

Parkmobile is currently used by the City of Grand Rapids and, with the expansion of the app to GVSU’s campuses, an easy partnership is developed making parking easier downtown and in the surrounding areas.

“This parking solution is not only convenient, but it also allows students to utilize their electronic devices in another area that is often used,” said Captain Brandon DeHaan.

To use the app, individuals need only to look for the Parkmobile sign or sticker on the meter being used. Once registered, they can then use the Parkmobile app to enter in the zone number listed on the sign to start a parking session. Additionally, one can opt-in to receive a notification 15 minutes before the parking session is set to expire.

“The convenience of Parkmobile will help with the reduction of parking citations for expired meters as the app affords the opportunity to add additional time to the meter if needed,” said Lisa Garringer of GVSU parking. “Though there is an additional $.35 fee, it beats a $20.”

Though Parkmobile does provide added convenience for GVSU students, it is important to remember that at housing and residential parking meters, there is a maximum time limit of 30 minutes no matter the amount put into the meter, either manually or through Parkmobile.

“This idea is something for students that I really think will work out well,” Garringer said. “We look forward to seeing how this helps out people parking on campus.”