Results seem to be everything to college students. Test results, interview results and other noticeable changes are all consuming for university communities.

One thing not often associated with a positive resolution is sexual assault. However, with the efforts of the “It’s On Us” campaign, there may soon be a tangible commitment to progress. As a student body, it is our responsibility to start seeking an end to gender-based violence.

According to the Lanthorn article “‘It’s On Us’: Lakers celebrate the National Week of Action,” being an active bystander is something that Eyes Wide Open, the Title IX office and the Women’s Center are encouraging. During November’s Week of Action, the university is trying to get as many students as possible to take the pledge to be active bystanders.

Making this idea a campus-wide effort is a step in the right direction toward a more positive college environment. In previous editorials, we have urged university administration to involve students in the issues that impact them, and it seems as though this is exactly what they are doing with the “It’s On Us” campaign.

Through interactive pledging methods, promotions through social media and other forms of online communication, students are being given the opportunity to become more aware of how to portray the qualities of an active bystander.

Often, in situations of oppression, sexism or racism that college students may experience, there is an opportunity for another student to step in and change the outcome of the situation, simply by raising their voice.

When we, as a student population, create an environment where acts of violence or even sexist jokes are not accepted or ignored, there is a greater chance of reducing these type of negative situations.

Unfortunately, acts of violence against individuals between the ages of 18 to 24 have not seen much improvement at the national level. With over 25,000 students at GVSU, this gives us a chance to come together as peers and look at a situation that most likely has impacted at least one person in a student’s life.

The Women’s Center schedules bystander intervention trainings throughout the year and provides additional materials for those who are interested in learning more about how they can make a difference. There are also representatives for the “It’s On Us” campaign in organizations across campus who can share information with the student population, making the campaign present and immediate for GVSU students.

Though tackling the subject of stopping sexual assault and violence on campus may seem tough, it only starts with one person. Taking the time to educate yourself about being an active bystander will not only help you, but also it will help the campus community around you.

The Lanthorn is taking the “It’s On Us” pledge.

Will you?