Grand Rapids show to showcase student work

Courtesy Photo/
A woman admires a wide array of artwork at a past Free Radical Gallery.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy Photo/ A woman admires a wide array of artwork at a past Free Radical Gallery.

René Rodriguez

Most artists both here in Allendale and around the world understand the difficulties of making a name for one’s self.

To make this feat a little easier, the Free Fall Radical Show in Grand Rapids will open an opportunity for unknown artists to make their work known.

The show will display art around Grand Rapids in various venues, from businesses to sidewalks, all along South Division Avenue.

James Kozakiewicz, a Grand Valley State University film and video student, said the show is a great chance for artists to showcase their work.

“There’s a big difference between the internet and showcasing your stuff,” Kozakiewicz said. “On the internet it’s less likely to be seen.”

The Free Radical looks for new work by Grand Rapids artists and tends to focus on unique pieces as well as new exploration pieces and fresh ideas. This year, the curative team is responsible for identifying emerging concepts and working with artists to create artistically-tasteful and thoughtful exhibits.

The Avenue for the Arts in Grand Rapids is looking for artists to put in their venue for the Fall Free Radical Show. They are accepting art from students, professionals, self-taught artists and even hobbyists.

William Hosterman, a GVSU art professor, strongly suggests that students submit their work.

“Students should be taking the opportunity because it’s another side of their education,” he said. “It’s a great way of getting used to people asking questions, because that does take time getting used to.”

However, it can be terrifying to some students to submit their work, even if they have done it before.

Malik Ming, a GVSU Film and Video major, said applying can still be scary.

“I don’t put up anything if it’s not good,” Ming said. “There’s a big difference between showcase and the internet.”

“If [a student] puts something out there, they are showing who they are to the rest of the world,” Hosterman said. “It’s just like music or writing. They should take joy in showing it to other people. That’s what art is.

This year’s Fall Free Radical Show will take place on Oct. 29 from 6 to 10 p.m.

Those interested in applying should complete and submit an application along with three images of their work by next Thursday.

For more information, contact the Avenue for the Arts at [email protected] or contact Jenn Schaub at [email protected].

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