Outdoor Adventures Program to host trip to northwest Michigan

Courtesy / GVSU Outdoor Adventures

Courtesy / GVSU Outdoor Adventures

Amanda Rogers

Grand Valley State University’s Outdoor Adventures Program is providing students with an opportunity to explore the west side of Michigan. The program will be hosting a trip to Ludington on Saturday, Oct. 13. 

The Outdoor Adventures Program offers a variety of programs and services, including climbing workshops and training, gear rental and a variety of different trips. 

The program offers a series of four different types of day trips, which include outings to Grand Haven, Ludington, Muskegon and Holland. The upcoming Ludington trip gives participants the opportunity to go on a guided hike and explore the nearby state park.

Kaileigh Hennard, the Outdoor Adventures Program’s coordinator at GVSU, will be hosting and leading the trip. 

“We are going to focus on a single track hike that will explore over the sand dunes, tree lines and also head down to the beach,” Hennard said. “You don’t need to have any type of hiking experience to do this—anybody can do it.”

In addition to the guided hike, participants will also have a chance to explore the downtown area and swim in Lake Michigan.

“It is nice solitude,” Hennard said. “You can get away from campus and the technology; you can have a de-stressor day.”

The Outdoor Adventures Program started the explore series because west Michigan has so much to offer and they wanted to give an accessible way for students, faculty and staff to experience it. 

Hennard said she knows that planning even a day trip can be difficult for some people to coordinate. Due to this, the program has already done all of the work and all you have to do is sign up.

They plan to depart for the trip around 10 a.m. at Fieldhouse Arena where transportation will be provided. They expect to be back around 4 p.m. in case students want to be back for the football game later that day.

The registration is online with a fee of $35 per person. You must be affiliated with Grand Valley State University in order to attend the trip. Faculty and staff are also welcome to attend.

The Outdoor Adventures Program’s website offers additional information on times and a recommended packing list.

Hennard said this trip is a great chance to get out and spend time with friends, as well as a good opportunity to meet people that you may have never met on campus.

The Outdoor Adventures Program provides the amazing opportunity for GVSU to see what the west side of the state has to offer, and the Ludington trip is just one of many outings that the program has planned. 

This trip is a great way to educate students on the area they are living in, so they can learn to love it and protect it.

“It is going to be a fun time. It will be a learning opportunity and way to make new friends,” Hennard said. “This is a great chance to build that community and build a stronger GVSU.”