Indiana marketing student to debut solo EP

GVL / Courtesy

GVL / Courtesy

Arie Nienhuis

After months of writing and recording, Indiana University South Bend student Landon Grwinski will be releasing “Loser,” his debut solo EP, on Thursday, Jan. 25, under the name Cabin 52.

Currently studying marketing and management, Grwinski has been working hard to balance work, school and music to produce “Loser,” and the result is a collection of songs combining many musical styles and sounds into one package. “Serotonin,” the EP’s lead single, is a dynamic, pop-rock cut that highlights Grwinski’s bright guitar chords and smooth vocals.

Grwinski sees music as an incredibly important part of his life and has been playing music for many years. 

“I’ve been playing music since I was around 10, just hitting drums; (I have been) songwriting since I was 12,” Grwinski said. “It’s kind of been an outlet in terms of emotions: I just throw them up on a computer screen.”

Grwinski’s long relationship with music has compelled him to practice a range of instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and vocals, and he utilizes these many talents to construct Cabin 52’s sound, recording every part by himself.

“It’s actually all me,” Grwinski said. “’Serotonin’ and all the way up to this EP, it’s all me recording.”

When recording music, Grwinski works to combine his various influences into his own style, building upon the sounds of his favorite musicians and styles to create the music that he considers his own.

“I would definitely say (Jon Bellion) is my number one influence right now, and then probably Foster the People” Grwinski said. “So those two are definitely my idols when it comes to music.

“I just try to be very creative and new. I’m trying not to do things that are already done; I’m trying to take concepts from artists and sing what I can come up with. It’s all about a newer sound.”

When it comes to recording, Grwinski employs a natural technique of recording and writing at the same time, building on new ideas smoothly.

“I literally just write and record,” Grwinski said. “I’m recording the songs and writing them at the same time. It’s very experimental, from what I’ve noticed. Sometimes, I’ll just have an idea in my head and I’ll just record it. It kind of forces me to get even more creative and come up with something on the spot.”

Aside from working on music, Grwinski balances a very busy work and school schedule.

“I’m working around 30 hours a week at a local grocery store, and I’m doing six classes, so around 17 credit hours,” Grwinski said. “And then I was trying to record this EP, too, so it’s pretty stressful trying to make time for it, (but) it’s the most important thing to me.”

Despite this, Grwinski has stayed persistent and maintains his plans for the future. One of his plans is the potential release of a full album by the end of year. For now, Grwinski hopes this EP will give him the publicity to further build his career in music. 

“I hope to do songwriting on the side and keep submitting these EPs and albums (that) I produce to record labels (in order) to keep that dream alive,” Grwinski said. “If they want to hire me as a songwriter, that would be the greatest thing ever.”

“Loser” by Cabin 52 will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and’s Prime Music beginning Thursday, Jan. 25. “Serotonin” is already available for listening on these platforms.