Voter’s guide to midterm elections 2014

Audra Gamble


Rick Snyder (Republican):

  • Current governor of Michigan
  • MBA and law degree from the University of Michigan
  • Wants to create more workers skilled in the technology field
  • Eliminated the Michigan Business Tax
  • Against all types of discrimination, including the lack of protection for LGBT community in the Elliot-Larsen Act
  • Advocates for $1.2 billion to fix Michigan roads
  • Vetoed the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act

Mark Schauer (Democratic):

  • Former congressman from 1997 to 2010
  • BA from Albion College, master’s degrees from Michigan State University and Western Michigan University
  • Wants to expand the middle class
  • Wants to reinstate the Child Tax Credit
  • Against all types of discrimination, and would like to amend the Elliot-Larsen Act
  • Against the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act
  • Wants to ban lobbyist gifts to government officials

Mary Buzuma (Libertarian):

  • Former Navy intelligence specialist and chair of the Libertarian party of Michigan
  • BA from Kalamazoo College
  • Would work to cut the state income tax
  • Does not think the Elliot-Larsen Act should exist
  • Would rather the private sector repair Michigan roads
  • Supports the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act, but encourages those who wish to donate to private charities that provide abortions
  • Would give more power to local citizens to reform pensions

Mark McFarlin (U.S. Taxpayer):

  • Professional investigator and political activist
  • BS from Central Michigan University
  • Would work to legalize Cannabis
  • Does not find the lack of anti-discrimination laws for LGBT community a priority for his administration
  • Thinks insurance companies should help pay for road repair
  • Supports the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act
  • Would no longer tax pensioners

Paul Homeniuk (Green Party):

  • Degree from Grand Valley State University
  • Entrepreneur and teacher, no political experience
  • Wants to eliminate the Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • Does not agree with the Citizens United Supreme Court decision
  • Would add anti-discrimination laws for the LGBT community
  • Wants to allocate 2 percent of the gas tax to road repair
  • Against the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act

United States Senator:

Terri Lynn Land (Republican):

  • Owner of Green Light Management, former Sec. of State from 2003 to 2011
  • BA from Hope College
  • Wants to lower taxes for the middle class and increase the Child Tax Credit
  • Supports airstrikes on ISIS, but not troops on the ground
  • Wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act

Gary Peters (Democratic):

  • Current member of the House of Representatives, former state senator
  • BA from Alma College, master’s degrees from Michigan State University and the University of Detroit, law degree from Wayne State University
  • Wants to collect more taxes from the wealthiest Americans and multinational corporations
  • Cosponsor of the Email Privacy Act, which would require a warrant to search a private individual’s email
  • Supports coalitions with European and Arab nations for airstrikes against ISIS, but no troops on the ground

Jim Fulner (Libertarian):

  • Four years in the Coast Guard and five years in the automotive industry
  • BS from Northern Michigan University
  • Recommends the adoption of the People’s Central Bank
  • Would vote to appeal the Affordable Care Act
  • Does not support any military action against ISIS
  • Anti-abortion, from conception
  • Does not think that the government should do any intelligence gathering

Richard A. Matkin (U.S. Taxpayer):

no information provided about this candidate

Chris Wahmhoff (Green Party):

  • Political activist and 15 years in the mental health field
  • Two year degree
  • Wants major corporations to pay more taxes than local businesses
  • Views Edward Snowden as a hero
  • Would like to address drug cartels at the U.S./Mexico border as well as immigration reform
  • Does not support the auto bailout of 2009
  • Has been arrested multiple times, most recently in June for refusing to leave the Capitol building

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