GV adds club baseball team

Bryce Derouin

While the season may be three months away, Grand Valley State University is now giving its students the opportunity to participate competitively in “America’s favorite pastime”, better known as baseball.

The newest club aims to give everyone an opportunity to continue playing the game, even if it is not at the varsity level.

“It started out where I first tried out for the varsity baseball team, and I didn’t make it,” said club president Dale Dorsey. “I didn’t want to just not play baseball at all. So I figured I would try to start the school’s first club baseball team since the school didn’t have one.”

Before the club team, students at GVSU were unable to play organized baseball since there were no options to play baseball at GVSU aside from pick-up games with friends.

“Baseball is a popular sport, and the school doesn’t have any other means for students to play baseball besides the varsity team,” he said. “So I figured it would be a good idea to start a club because there are a lot of students.”

Dorsey had to go through several steps, included speaking with the student life organization at GVSU and the National Club Baseball Association, to get a baseball club team supported at GVSU.

There was no lack of initial interest in the club by students. Flyers were posted around campus to gauge how much interest there would be in the club.

“I found out about it when I saw a sign outside my dorm,” said freshman Patrick Dooley. “I played high school baseball and figured it’d be a way for me to continue playing. I just want to have fun and go out and play.”

Dorsey received enough interest to the point where he had to make cuts in order to trim the roster down.

“Right now we have a roster of 30 guys,” he said. “When I first started putting interest out, I had about 70 people or so interested.”

The club team will compete against other universities that sport club teams. Some of the schools the team will face include the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Central Michigan University, Western Michigan University and Saginaw Valley State University.

“I think it’s nice. We’re able to play against other colleges and see how we compare against other teams,” said junior Dominick Padovini.

As of now, Dorsey is in the process of searching for a coach with Eric Garvelink, club sports graduate assistant for the Office of Student Life.

“We’re advertising for a coach, but if we don’t get one our team can function without one,” Dorsey said. “We would have a player coach who would coach if we don’t find one.”

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