Having the hots for your professor isn’t such a bad thing

Christine Colleran

Every semester, I have class with a professor (or two) that I find attractive. It makes sense that students have crushes on their professors: the professors have a position of power in relation to us lowly students, they are usually well-learned, and they must have some level of charisma to keep us off of our smart phones during lecture.

Regardless of the reason, I would like to make the case that having the hots for your professor is not such an awful thing. In fact, I find these little crushes quite advantageous. Here’s why:

Reason #1- You come to class.

Lets face it, getting our buts out of bed, away from Netflix, and to class is way tougher than it should be; especially if you are in baggy sweats and have managed to get your hands on a fresh bag of Cheetos. In that state, I could be in front of the television for days.

However, when I’m taught by a professor with a smile right out of a crest toothpaste ad, for example, or excellent forearms, for another – I seem to have a little drive to ditch the sweats and make it out the door. Yes, I am objectifying these professors, and no, I don’t feel bad about it. Read on.

Reason #2- You come to class prepared, and get invested in subject matter.

The biggest part of having a crush is respect for the individual in question, and the desire for them to value you in a similar way. The physical stuff may hook you, but that fades quickly. Admiring your professors means appreciating their areas of expertise- and in a way attempting to be like them.

When what you want is your professor to value you as a student and person, you would be surprised how easy it is to become invested in the material you are supposed to be learning. It’s a natural desire to please that comes with having a little crush.

Reason #3- You look the part of good student

Like I mentioned above, if you think your professor is the cats meow, its not likely that you are going to be walking into class looking semi-homeless (those damn baggy sweats, WHY are they so comfy?). No, chances are you will pull yourself together.
The kicker; however, is that dressing nicely actually helps you become a better student. You sit up straighter, you are more focused on the lecture, and your confidence sky-rockets. Your teacher may not notice, but your grades will see the difference.
In the end, it’s important not to go overboard with your crush (fatal attraction, anyone?).

Then again, I think it is safe to say that it is a good thing not to be that creepy in any crush situation- be it a professor or not. Embrace the appreciation you have for your professors, then move on at the end of the semester. And professors- don’t pretend to be offended when you read this, it takes away from your studious charm.

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