Department of Modern Languages and Literatures makes new magazine—“Waves”

Since languages touch so many people throughout the world and are ubiquitous, just like water and waves, the Department of Languages and Literatures decided to name their new magazine “Waves.” An online version of the magazine is available to everyone through the MLL Department website, and the department members hope for it to spark an interest in students taking languages around GVSU.

The magazine includes the work of students, faculty, staff and alumni from the MLL department and has feature stories about the benefits of studying languages. The idea was conceived by MLL Chair Majd Al-Mallah, who is an associate professor of Arabic at GVSU. Al-Mallah said in his first article in the magazine, “learning a language and a culture can open the door to a wide range of career options. Employers are seeking well-rounded individuals, particularly those with a second language.”