Letter to the Editor: Katy Flaherty

To the editor of the Lanthorn,

I understand that the goal of the article “There is Only Room for One Holiday” was to create a satire to show the ignorance of the person who poested that comment on facebook. However, the way this article was presented was not only poorly written but extremely offensive. The idea to begin with to make this religous bias a joke was inappropriate, and using references like sending people back to “Hanukkahland or Kwainzaa City or the Diwali Islands”.went way too far. Not only am I offended by this article, but my Jewish friend and everyone I’ve shared this article with are also outraged. The fact that this university pushes diversity and acceptance so hard, yet would allow an article like this to be published on campus is ridiculous. When approaching such a serious and potentially offensive topic, next time please don’t approach the subject as a joke or use offensive terms. I am looking forward to finding out what will happen in response to this upsetting literature.