Halloween with T. Haas

Halloween with T. Haas

Hannah Lentz

On Halloween, hundreds of children will walk around Grand Rapids looking for houses with porch lights on and the best candy to give. This year, one of those houses offering treats will be the house of GVSU President Thomas Haas and first lady Marcia Haas.

The Haas’ Halloween celebration this year will involve passing out candy, talking with neighbors and family and sporting Laker Blue (the best color, according to Thomas Haas). However, previous Halloween celebrations didn’t look exactly the same.

“I can remember being at a Halloween party a couple years back with Marcia and looking around and everyone was dressed as ghosts and pumpkins and other typical Halloween costumes and I was dressed as a mad scientist with the crazy wig and everything,” Haas said. “That costume spoke to the scientist in me since I have a background in chemistry.”

When Marcia Haas isn’t dressed as a Laker, she also usually chooses a costume close to her own life experiences. As a past cheerleader for Albion college, she usually dresses up as a cheerleader for Halloween parties.

However, picking out the perfect Halloween costume isn’t the main concern for Thomas Haas. During a holiday based mainly on the consumption of sweet treats, Thomas Haas said he always has to make sure he gets his fill of his favorite candy.

“I love Snickers bars,” he said. “I can’t get enough of them.”

When the Haas’ children were young, Thomas Haas said he can remember the conversation that went down after the family got home and sorted through the collected candy.

“My kids would go through the candy and call the Snickers bars ‘dad’s candy,'” he said. “I always made sure to sneak a couple each year and make it clear that everyone knows that those candies are mine.”

Though the Halloween season should be about having fun and enjoying the fall season with those close to you, it is also about being safe and respectful of the community, Thomas Haas said.

“Halloween is a great opportunity to go out into the community and have fun,” he said. ” It is important to have fun with friends and family, but it is also important to keep everyone safe.”