Treat yourself to a new club at GV

GVL / Courtesy - Brandon Witsaman
Treat Yourself club


GVL / Courtesy – Brandon Witsaman Treat Yourself club

Ashlyn Korienek

Students often spend most of their week at work or studying for college courses. Those few hours to spare might be spent running errands. As a result, time for relaxation begins to dwindle.

Designed to help students at Grand Valley State University focus on personal health while navigating busy schedules, the new student organization, Treat Yourself, gives students a chance to relax without feeling guilty.

Treat Yourself was founded by students Jennifer Lee, Brandon Witsaman and Kaity Denney. Established in December, the club became active this semester.

Witsaman said the idea formed after taking a spirituality and health honors course designed to help students understand their holistic health on a deeper level. He said the founding members wanted to apply their knowledge to influence a larger audience at GVSU.

“We noticed a problem on campus, particularly with the honors college, that students worked insane hours balancing homework, class, jobs and extracurricular activities,” Witsaman said. “Because of their busy schedules they couldn’t find the time to do things they enjoyed.

“We saw that if they do manage to scrape together an hour or two, they often feel guilty for using that time on themselves rather than doing something more productive.”

The group will host a series of activities throughout the semester including: art for relaxation, ravine hiking adventures, professional guest speakers on mindfulness and health and yoga and meditation days.

Lee said Treat Yourself is important to GVSU because it helps students learn strategies to increase self awareness, enhance relationships or give them opportunities to try something new.

“This group is important because a lot of students are always go,” she said. “This club is designed to be a time slot in the student’s week when they don’t have to worry about studying, preparing for a presentation, working or doing something just to put on their resume.”

As Treat Yourself is new to campus, Witsaman said the group hopes to team up with students that are interested, along with established clubs, to design the activities together. He said the members will plan ideas, and the group leaders will make the plans happen.

“If even just one student leaves feeling more relaxed and happy than they showed up,” he said, “then we have done our job.”

Treat Yourself is a casual club, therefore anyone can become a member by showing up to the meetings. Witsaman said students may come and go as they please.

“It is important to treat yourself in college,” Witsaman said. “Often we are so busy worrying about the future, and this applies to all students at Grand Valley. These years in college go by so quickly, so we want to show students it is all right to slow down and enjoy it. ”

Lee said Treat Yourself has no official member count. She said the group will meet every other Wednesday at 9:15 p.m. in Henry Hall Room 219. The first meeting was on Jan. 27.

“We want to help students take time for themselves and enjoy a little bit of no school or work,” she said. “As we are a new group, our members will hopefully give us input on the club and what they want to see from us this semester.”

For more information, visit the Treat Yourself Orgsync website at