Health care majors to shop grad schools, network with peers

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Courtesy for Pre-professional day

Courtesy Photo / Google Images Courtesy for Pre-professional day

The CLAS Academic Advising Center will hold its annual Pre-Professional Day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Nov. 13 to help health care majors learn more about their future careers.

The program is divided into three sections.

The informational session will include 20 professional schools such as Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, University of Michigan School of Dentistry and Ferris State University College of Pharmacy.

“There will be professional schools both from in and out of Michigan, so that the students will have the opportunity to talk with the admissions reps and go from table to table to get information, make that connection and start networking,” said JoAnn Litton, senior academic advisor of pre-professional programs at CLAS.

After the informational session, speaker Mary Kay VanDreil, president of Health Partners, will give a keynote address on health professions across the board.

Litton said one possible topic of the speech may be trends of “one health.”

“The new phrase in health care is ‘one health.’ In the same way you would say, ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ it takes ‘one health’ team,” Litton said.

There will also be group sessions with a practicing pharmacist, doctor and dentist.

Aron Slear, vice president of the pre-medical club, attended the program last year.

Slear said he learned more about medical professions in general and about specific programs to which he can apply.

“Pre-Professional Day lets you talk to schools that otherwise would only know you as a piece of paper,” he said. “You can show them why you are a good choice and start networking. You can learn the next steps of becoming a professional.”

Ashleigh Mangas, president of the pre-dental club, will attend the program for the third time.

“I have always had a positive experience at Pre-Professional Day,” she said. “It has helped me get to know members of my club as well as other pre-professional organization members and advisors, and get to know more about the dental schools I was interested in.”

Mangas said students should come in professional attire and have their questions ready.

“It is really good opportunity to get to know a lot about the professional schools you are interested in as well as networking with the representatives, other club members and advisers,” she said.

Litton said this program is open to all majors and all levels of study can benefit.

“For the junior who is getting ready to start the application process this summer, it’s to help them understand the networking and getting their act together,” she said. “For the freshman and sophomore, it’s to start opening their eyes to what’s possible.”

This year, for the first time, the CLAS has invited pre-medical students from Hope, Calvin and Grand Rapids Community College. Although GVSU students can attend for free, non-GVSU students have to pay a $7 registration fee.

“This is an opportunity that happens once a year,” Litton said. “Don’t be one of those ‘day late, dollar short’ people who say they didn’t know about it.”

Students can register for the event at tables in Henry Hall and the Kirkhof Center Monday through Wednesday.

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