GVSU celebrates National Public Health Week

Kyle Bindas

National Public Health Week, celebrated April 4-8, is an annual event promoted by the American Public Health Association to promote healthy life decisions on a personal level, as well as advocate for legislative action that promotes the health of the country.

The Grand Valley State University public health department is hosting a series of events related to student health.

The main event of the week was the “Amazing Race”-style GVSU Health Walk, held on Thursday. The walk showcased the public health services GVSU offers on campus. The event mirrored the style of the television show, where participants started with a clue of where to go, then when they get to that location, they will learn about a service GVSU offers and receive another clue for the next location.

“The focus for what we’re doing is to get people out, moving around campus and also learning about some of the public health-related resources that we have on campus,” said Ranelle Brew, chair of the public health department.

In addition to the Health Walk, the public health department set up a table earlier in the week on April 4 to raise relief money for citizens affected by the Flint, Michigan water crisis.

The APHA is hosting several events that are being live streamed online for the public. On April 4, a forum was held by APHA officials and guests kicking off the week.

The event was titled “How Does the Healthiest Nation Look in 2030?” On April 5, a web seminar called “Public Authority and Water Quality” and focused on the Flint water crisis and other public health concerns with water.

On April 7, APHA is hosting a Twitter chat, where users from across the world can discuss matters of public health using the hashtag #NPHWchat.

On April 8, APHA will be hosting a town hall, where Surgeon General Vivek Murthy will be answering questions from students from around the country about the nation’s health. Murthy will be taking questions submitted online by students.

To submit a questions or register to view the event, visit www.ampublichealth.wufoo.com/forms/zdi8kk00ij9k16.

The official page for the event can be found at www.nphw.org.