These good ol’ college days

Stephanie Schoch

The city of Allendale, more specifically Grand Valley State University, is completely surrounded by farmland. It feels as though we were placed in the movie Shawshank Redemption, and if someone were to leave on foot, there’s not much to leave for. But we have a Meijer!!! Putting aside that little metropolitan area, we are mostly stuck on campus.

People continue to complain that they are bored, although they do nothing to change the dull activities that consist of their lives. “Well, I can’t join a club, or go out and explore more of campus, or simply do something that is foreign to me.” And why not? There are over 200 organizations, many of which do not require any special skills, except having the ability to be open.

There are football games, building and hall activities that RA’s put together, a climbing wall at the gym (no, not joking), and plenty of people to get to know: staying locked up in your dorm is no way to go through college.

I even took my own advice by joining three groups. That’s right three! If you took the MAP quiz thingy, which I believe is only for freshmen and some sophomores, and you rated that your social life was quote unsatisfactory, then stop reading this article right now and go say “hi” to ten new people. If for some reason you don’t have as many friends as you’d like to here, get up and meet some, because I can bet that there are a lot of other students feeling the same way.

But as always, keep it light. My aunt always says that the most important factor in survival is humor: and it’s true. Have a view on the world that is able to bend, that’s not too serious. Go into a crowded elevator and after the doors close, say “you’re all probably wondering why I’ve gathered you here.” Or go to Meijer, hide in a clothes rack and when people walk by, yell “pick me!” Wait, no, you’ll get kicked out for that (trust me on that one). Whatever you do, don’t let your life become plain, because in actuality, everyone has a story to tell, painted with colorful language and swirling designs. It’s whether or not you choose to continue painting, adding onto the already developing scene.

Shawshank Redemption does not have to be a reality, and no I don’t mean that people are trying to burrow out from their dorm rooms (if you are, there will be a huge fee at the end of the year…). You can choose to be “stuck” or you can choose to be here, along with everyone else, looking for the experience that so many call “those good ol’ college days.” They truly are good. We automatically have things in common; we live in the same place, we are all students and we are automatically a community.

I hear that Grand Valley is handing out lemons. So if you haven’t already, you should get on that.