Grand Valley State ‏@GVSU Aug 19

Welcome to all the new Lakers moving in today! #gvsumovein #gvsu18 #gvsu

Len O’Kelly ‏@LenOKelly Aug 19

It is really looking dark to the west and pretty rumbly…. stay dry, #gvsumovein !

Jeff Stoll @Sgt_Stoll Aug 18

There can be only one #gvsumovein Here we go

CCPS Advising Center ‏@ccpsadvisor Aug 19

Red sky in the morning…lakers take warning. ought to be an interesting #GVSUMoveIn day! Break out hefty bags and rain gear!

GVSU Roller Hockey ‏@GV_RollerHockey Aug 18

Move-in week has begun! Welcome to the Valley, new Lakers! @gvsu18 @GVSU #GVSUMoveIn #Laker4ALifetime

GVSU Police Dept. @GVSUPolice Aug 20

After 3 long days we have a new group of @GVSU residents! Thank you to @GVSUHousing and all the volunteers for helping with #GVSUmovein!