Double, double toil, and trouble

Mary Mattingly

Smirking jack-o’-lanterns, enough candy to rot teeth, and the ability to become someone—or something—else for a night; yes, it’s Halloween again. Many diehards have had their costume planned since Nov. 1 of last year, but if you’re one of the scramblers who plan their ensemble the day of, have no fear, because the Lanthorn has you covered.

Classic costumes are always a good place to start when deciding what to go as. From ghosts to witches to vampires, one trip to the costume store is usually all you will need to gather all accessories. Animals, especially the ever-popular scantily-clad cat, are always a safe and easy bet: all you need is ears and you’re good to go. If time is running out, face paint can always do the trick. If you have some excess toilet paper around, becoming a mummy is a quick fix. A quick Google search reveals that some of the most popular costumes of the year are shaping up to be the Fox inspired by Ylvis’ viral hit, Batman, and Daft Punk.

More fun is had in numbers, so get some friends together to try out a group costume. Seen “Despicable Me?” Organize some friends and wreak havoc as Minions. Are the roaring twenties on your mind? Recreate the cast of Baz Lurhmann’s “The Great Gatsby.” For the fantasy fans, there is always the option of going as the Game of Thrones cast from the wildly popular HBO series. Wannabe superheroes always have the option of bringing the Avengers to life. And for athletes, matching track suits paired with gold medals equal the U.S. Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team.

Along with group costumes are, of course, the costumes for couples. Yeah, you can go for the not-so-subtle plug and socket. Or in honor of the now-defunct pendulum, recreate Miley Cyrus’ twerking controversy with Robin Thicke. If you enjoyed Life of Pi, why not bring Richard Parker and Pi Patel to life? Eggs and bacon also go well together, as do Barack and Michelle Obama. Remember Pokémon? Dress up as Ash and Pikachu or Ash and Misty for a trip down memory lane. And if all else fails, just go as each other.

Pun costumes may be groan-inducing, but they’re always an amusing option to fall back on. Deviled eggs can be achieved by dressing up as an egg while wearing a pair of devil horns. In honor of the actor Kevin Bacon, dress up as a strip of bacon with a name tag that reads ‘Kevin.’ Are any of these ideas too much work for you? Just write ‘book’ on your face and bam: instant Facebook.

Whether you’ve been in planning mode since the beginning of October or have hit a mental block when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume, there is still time to figure it out. With Halloween you don’t always have to break the bank, and often the DIY costumes are more memorable than the store-bought ones. Now that you have a few more ideas, enjoy costume planning and have a safe and fun Halloween.