It’s Time To Say Goodbye, Again

Garrick See

We recognize what our lives are worth on this Earth. We judge them according to what we have strived
for and also what others have determined for us. As harsh as it sounds, our lives are not just for us.
Everyone in this world is a connection to someone in some shape or form and we are ultimately
intertwined with one another. That is why it is always a difficult time when someone passes on from
this life.

It has been almost two years since the passing of Josh Sutton, whom some of you may have known
him as “unicycle guy.” Personally, I did not know him well enough to comment on his life but I did had
encounters with him a few times to know that he was a stand-up guy. For those of you who do not
know him, he was one of the most colorful characters on this campus. He was mostly recognized from
his love for unicycling and he would go around campus promoting this activity as if it was something
everyone should notice.

Needless to say, he was the president for the Unicycle Club where a friend of mine was a part of as
well. His death came as a shock for everyone, especially for another friend of mine who was his
roommate at the time. He just graduated from Grand Valley and was on his way to embark upon new
adventures outside, but sadly it was not meant to be.

Some people claimed that he had problems with depression, which if it was true was impossible to
detect seeing as depression is one of the most silent but deadly conditions a person can have. I know
this firsthand because I deal with depression to a deeper extent myself. It brought me to dark places
before, but thankfully I was lucky enough to recognize that my life was worth something not just to
myself, but also to my family who are thousands of miles away back home.

It was unfortunate that nobody realized Josh’s subtle state because they could have offered some help
and guidance for what he went through at that time. However, when someone passes away, especially
in school, everybody comes together to mourn for a person whom they had a connection with one way
or another.

Death brings people together and it was without a doubt that Josh did that at Grand Valley State. I
caught myself staring at a photo where Josh was teaching a friend of mine to unicycle and in that
moment in time, I could tell that he was happy and content with life. I wish I could have been there
myself just to converse with him, but I know there were reasons for why it did not happen. I know that
deep down Josh is looking down on us through a bright light and smiling with a unicycle by his side.

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